04 June 2017

Art Journal Goodness

Hello! It’s been such a long time since I posted anything art related, other than photography. I am terribly sorry for my absence lately. If you’d like to see my work on a more regular base, please follow me on Instagram. I’m mebearc over there.

I’ve been quite busy making all kinds of art projects. Sometimes inspired by challenges, sometimes just inspired by whatever comes to me. I’m not going to bore you with small talk, because I know you are here to see art, right? Well, let’s go then!

In February I made two series of ATCs (Artist Trader Cards) and with each set a matching card for the host of the swaps.


Kiss_Me A6 size card

In April I made something for Dina Wakley’s monthly challenge in her Facebook group. The prompt was to make something from recycled material. Like all the challenges in Dina’s group, there should be used at least one visible DWM (Dina Wakley Media) product in your project.  I made this art journal page with the Scribble Birds stamp set, which was the start of a new project: a complete art journal made from recycled carton packages.



Since I made the page for Dina’s challenge, I haven’t stopped making new recycled pages. For all the pages I start with a Gelli printed background that I glue onto the carton package (cut to size) and from there I start building my page. And when I feel like joining another challenge, I simply incorporate it with this recycled journal.


This page was made for a challenge in the Miss Kate Cuttables Facebook group, which was to use at least one of her files and make something with the animal theme. This cute cat really spoke to me. In the PNG file the cat was grey, but it was easy to make him a ginger cat when cutting the parts with my Silhouette. Of course I had to use him with a photo of Teddy. This photo was taken short after Teddy came to my home.


After the challenge expired I decided it wasn’t quite finnished yet, so I added some extra details until I was satisfied.

Some days I just made a bunch of backgrounds, that I could work on later. At this poing another project started: recycled coasters. I’ll come back to this in a later blogpost as there is a secret mission with these. Here’s a peek at some of these backgrounds.




On Pinterest I collect quotes that appeal to me for whatever reason. I mostly save those I think will come in handy when I’m looking for words to add to my art journal pages. A lot of them are quite sarcastic. It’s my kind of humor. I think they go perfectly together with those women I got in a digital kit by Tumble Fish Studios.


There’s a page about Teddy’s Easter shoot. On this page I used the most adorable easter washi tape by Hema (Dutch brand) and an image by Miss Kate Cuttables.


Sometimes I just go through my stash with ephemera and use what appeals to me. Like this image transfer of a foal that I did years ago as a first try before doing an image transfer on a large page. It was in my stash all these years and now I found a good place for it.


With my new stencil by Dina Wakley I created this background.


And it resulted in this page. The colours may look different, but that’s because I took the first photo in the light of a lamp. The stamp is of the Scribble Girlies set by Dina Wakley. You’d think I get sponsored, but nope, I’m just in love with her gorgeous creations and a big fan of her art. Her books are really amazing, wheather you’re new to art journaling and mixed media or have been doing it for years.


Alright. Well, I’m going to finish this post now. Otherwise there’ll be too much graphics which will make the page slow to load and we don’t want that to happen. I have plenty more to share and am making new stuff on a daily base, so don’t forget to subscribe as a follower to this page or to check and see if there’s any new stuff up. Like always, I’m giving a shout out on my social media when a new page is up, but I’m very much aware that not everyone gets to see my new messages due to Facebooks ever anoying algorythms.

As I’m finishing this writing, Teddy is getting very impatient. It’s an hour past his feeding time and he’s making clear he’s very hungry. Depeninding on what part of the world you’re in, have a great day or goodnight (it’s goodnight at my part of the world).

Much love!