14 May 2016

Spring In Pink (and a touch of purple)

Hello! Like I mentioned in my previous poste, I’ve got some photos to share with you. They were taken during the last couple of weeks and have something in comment. They are spring bloomings and they are quite pink, except for one that is purple, but well, purple is close to pink right? I’m still playing around with my new vintage 50mm lens and I like it a lot!

This is the purple photo. I call it “tulip in the city” as you can see the large buildings in the background.



Let’s move on to the pink. I adore the vivid colours of the rhododendron flowers. I think they look kind of exotic.


Yes, I know. The sunlight was too bright, but I couldn’t really change that, could I? And coming back later that day, wasn’t an option. I still like how the photos turned out.


Don’t you love the pink flowers? As much as I adore the rhododendron’s flowers, I am absolutely in love with the sakura, better known as cherry blossoms.


I tried to capture their beauty as best as I could.


I just can’t get enough of them.


I saved the best for last. This is a photo I am very proud of. It hardly needed any post-processing. I know taking good pictures isn’t about having the best gear, but I do notice the difference with this prime lens. It’s vintage, but it sure is good glass. The conditions for taking this photo were also really good. Even though it was the same (too) bright sunlight as in the rhododendron pictures. I took my time to get it all nice in frame, adjusted my settings et voila! I hope you like it as much as I do. I call this one “sakura lush”.


Allright. That’s it for today. I don’t have any pink spring delightness left anymore. I will go exploring what other kinds of spring colours are waiting to get captured. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back soon!

10 May 2016

Some Art Journal Pages

Hi! It’s been a while since I shared anything, so this is going to be a long post with lots of eye candy. I’ve been busy with all kinds of projects. The weather is beautiful too (not today though), so I’ve also been outside taking photos. Some successful, others a bit less succesful. There’s still so much to learn. I know now, full sunshine is nice and helps for a good mood, but it can be a struggle to take photos in the bright light. Lesson learned: I need to avoid that hard, bright light. Better not take photos in the middle of the day.

I’ve also done some art journaling. I’ve made myself a stamp too. It’s big and I love it. The type of linoleum I used doesn’t like to be used with stamping ink, but it does a good job with acrylic ink applied with a brayer. I had some mono printed papers lying on my table, that made a good base to test the stamp. The mono print was done with the Gelli Arts® printing plate.


Another day I started working on a page in my Dylusions art journal. I started on a page I already brayed some paint on in a previous session. Sometimes I like to start on a clear page, but sometimes it helps more to start on a page that already has something on it.

When I’m in doubt of what I want with a page, I start doodling loosely with a pencil. Sometimes I pick up a pen too or coloured pencils. This time I just took a graphite pencil. Next I stamped with a backgroundstamp (by Hema). I don’t have a lot of inkpads, so I chose a colour from my Neo Color II crayons, rubbed a bit onto my stamp and spritzed it with water. I love the look this gives. I also used a chevron stamp (also by Hema) with black Stazon ink.


Still happy with the stamp I made, I fuzzy cut one of the flowers from the print and started playing with composition. While moving the flower from edge to edge, ideas were flowing through my mind. I drew a scalloped border shape on the same mono printed paper and cut that too. I used a black and a white Posca marker.


I went through my collection of quirky collage images by Tumble Fish Studio. I chose this body of a football player together with a label and the “notions” word. I drew the head on a scrap piece of paper and fuzzy cut it. I also cut a crown out of a piece of mono printed paper. Next I adhered it all in place and wrote a list about some currently facts in my life. The page had some maskingtape to prevent the paper from tearing out of the journal. I decided to make it look pretty by embellishing it with a piece of washi tape. I wrote a statement and finalized the page by drawing a border.


Another page I made, also started with a previously brayered background (same session). I sprayed some Bubblegum Pink Dylusions spray ink through a stencil by The Crafters Workshop. In order not to waste any ink, I also turned the stencil and stamped the ink on the page like that. Then I applied purple (Seedless Preserves) Distress ink through a piece of punchinella (sequin waste). I knew I wanted to make a cluster following the rule of thirds, but didn’t exactly know how to do this. Luckily I have a book called “Art Journal Freedom” by the wonderful Dina Wakley that explains this way of composition very well and has some great inspiration photos. I adhered the washi tape, wrote some journaling about how I felt that day, tore a strip of mono printed paper, together with a piece of kitchen towel I once used to mop up some ink, stamped a postcard image on a piece of paper I aged with Distress ink (antique linen) and fuzzy cut it. While going through my washi tapes, I found this cute mushroom tape that says “how are you?” and I just needed to use it on my page.


When I adhered al the pieces, I stamped on of Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds, fuzzy cut and adhered it. I also added a bird of a very old Maya Road collection to the cluster. To finish the page I splattered some purple (Funky Fuchsia)Dylusions spray ink on the page.


Here are some close-up pictures of the page.



And then Carla Sonheim happened. I bet a lot of you have heared that name somewhere. She is an illustrator from the States who teaches the fun of making art through online classes and the books she wrote. I adore her cute creatures who always seem to look a little confused. A couple of weeks ago she shared a technique on YouTube called Ink Figures. The idea is to make some marks with black ink on a piece of paper and from this draw a figure. I just had to try this as it seemed such a fun technique. And it is! I’ve noticed how this small exercise can take you into a creative mood in seconds.






The next day I decided to try if this technique would work for an animal too, which it did.


Now I am really hooked! So I ordered Carla’s book “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals”. Can’t wait till it arrives. A lesson in patience here, as the book has to come all the way from the UK. Until then I already enjoy the book “Creative Photography” by Carla’s husband Steve Sonheim, which I also ordered and was delivered the next day.

Please make sure you follow my blog as I will be back soon showing some pretty photos I made during the nice weather. Bye for now!

27 March 2016

A Bear In Springtime

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done some scrapbooking, apart from the December Daily which was never finished (again). Today I can show you a project I did finish. It’s called “A Bear in Springtime”.


The idea came from a tiny bear someone handmade, together with a new lens for my camera: playtime!


At first it was just a funny photo project on it’s own. I took the little bear with me, while I went out photographing some spring flowers.


It was fun to come up with different compositions that featured the bear.



From photos with flowers I took the challenge to the next level: the beach. I didn’t bring anything but the bear with me, so I positioned it in the sand.


Another day I went back to the beach, but brought some additional stuff with me. I knew exactly what I wanted.


Having all these fun photos, I decided to make a mini album. It was great project!


I also made a video, showing the album. Have a look!

10 March 2016

Spring Flowers

The macro extension tubes arrived! And it must have been my lucky day, because the weather was good. I found it quite difficult to work with the tubes. I didn’t expect I need to point my camera that close to the subject. I started in a local park, where at the moment are a lot of crocusses blooming. I must say, it was a little uncomfortable, leaning on my knees and elbows, trying to get a good focus. I had to come so close, that the picture wasn’t recognizable as a crocus. Still, I like the abstract result. I love how the droplets show. I used the tubes with the 50 mm lens, mentioned in my previous post.


Next I focussed at the stamens. Not a great photo, but look how much detail!


I removed the extension tubes and took a shot of a bunch of crocusses. I really like this lens and it’s bokeh!


A bit dissapointed about the extension tubes, I left the crocus park and thought I’d give op on macro for the day and headed to the beach. On my way I saw a garden center and thought maybe I could give the macro another try. This was a way better situation to shoot as the plants and flowers were on trays. Most of them even at eye level.



The extension tubes came in a set of three rings that could be used together or separated. I experimented a little with that. It was not on purpose, but all photos are shot at an aperture of F2, which gives a great deapth of field (a lot of blurr). I like it a lot!


Same flower, different focus point.


I think this was shot with just one tube between the lens and camera. Not tack sharp, but I like it anyway.


After all I did go to the beach and took some pictures, but I didn’t like them. I posted one in the Pentaxanian group at Facebook, to ask advice on how to make the photo’s look better. It appeared I had the settings on my camera all wrong. That’s why they all are at F2 (wide open). Today I went back to the beach to see if I was able to take some better shots, but the road through the dunes was under constructure and I was not able to pass the vehicles. Oh well, this is only the beginning of beautiful sun shining days, so I will get my chance eventually.

Thank you very much for stopping by! See you soon!

03 March 2016

50mm Try Out

Since today I’m taking photography to a whole new level. I bought a vintage 50mm F2 lens. Pentax has this advantage over other brands, which I think is incredible. It enables you to use very old Pentax lenses on the new dslr cameras. This is good news, because there are quite some old lenses still going around. I’ve never used anything other than the lens that came with the camera and a Sigma telezoom, so I’m coming out of my comfort zone. First of all, this is a prime lense. Meaning, you can’t zoom in and out to find your composition. It is what it is. Use your legs to step any closer or farther away. Second, no auto focus. Darn! Did I get used to that “press the shutter button half and your focus is sharp”. Not with this lens. It all comes to my own eyes. Good thing I wear good glasses these days. And then there is this: a F2 aperture, which creates a grand depth of field (sharp object with nice blurry background). No wonder the reviews of this lens are so good! Now you probably think I’m a big spender, since this lens is so good, but trust me, dinner for one at McD’s is more expensive. Enough with the words, let’s show some pictures. Please keep in mind these are only my first try on this lense (but I love it already!).






funny-araThis ara was making silly faces. I thought it was too funny not to include.

More fun tomorrow, as I also ordered some extension tubes, that enable me to take macros with this lens.


Thanks for stopping by. Please do come back for more!

21 January 2016

A Foggy Day


Today there was fog all over. I took my camera and went outside to take pictures. It was my first attempt to photograph fog and I was quite unsecure about how and what to shoot. I went to a park, but had a lot of trouble to find a good spot. I ended up with just a couple of photos and only one was okay-ish. I didn’t realize it would be so cold. I’m in a wheelchair, as some of you might know, so I can’t exersize to get any warmer. I should have put on an extra pair of trousers and more socks. So in stead of finding a new location, which would be an extra 5 km, I headed back home.  After studying the photo on my computer, I realised I should have set my aperture smaller to create a deeper depth of field (larger F number). So that’s a note to myself for next time. And for goodness sake, extra clothing! Tell me what you think of this photo.

Vandaag was een zeer mistige dag. Ik heb mijn camera opgepakt en ben naar buiten gegaan om wat foto’s te maken. Het was mijn poging om mist te fotograferen en ik was wat onzeker over hoe en wat ik zou schieten. Ik ben naar een park gegaan, maar had moeite een goede plek te vinden. Ik ben geëindigd met slechts een paar foto’s, waarvan er eigenlijk maar eentje een beetje redelijk was. Ik had me niet gerealiseerd dat het zo koud zou zijn. Ik zit in een rolstoel, zoals sommige van jullie wellicht weten, dus ik kan geen oefeningen doen om het wat warmer te krijgen. Ik had een extra broek en meerdere sokken aan moeten doen. Dus in plaats van op zoek te gaan naar een nieuwe locatie, wat nog eens 5 km extra zou beteken, ben ik naar huis gegaan. Na de foto op mijn computer te hebben bekeken, kwam ik tot de conclusie dat ik de opening van mijn lens kleiner had moeten maken, voor een grotere scherpte-diepte (groter F getal). Dus, een aantekening voor mezelf voor volgende keer. En in vredesnaam, extra kleding! Vertel me wat jij van deze foto vindt.

19 January 2016

My First Pocket Letter

Have you seen the latest trend with happy mail? It’s pocket letters. I’ve noticed this trend on youtube and to my pleasant surprise I received one in the mail. Thank you, Tamara! So of course I just had to make her one back. What do you think? In each pocket you put something nice that makes a little gift. It can be anyting. We agreed on keep doing this for a while, so you will see more pocket letters from me. Maybe I’ll even try to join a swap through one of these swap sites. I don’t know. We’ ll see.

Meanwhile I still have a December Daily to finish. I've got work to do!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!


Heb  je de laatste trend op het gebied van happy mail gezien? Pocket letters. Ik heb deze trend al een tijdje terug gespot op youtube en tot mijn grote verrassing kreeg ik er eentje in de brievenbus. Dankjewel, Tamara! Dus ik moest er natuurlijk ook eentje terug maken. Wat vind je ervan? In elk zakje stop je iets leuks als cadeautje. Dat kan van alles zijn. We hebben afgesproken deze pocket letters een tijdje voor elkaar te blijven maken, dus je gaat er nog meer van me zien. Misschien ga ik zelfs wel een poging wagen mee te doen aan een uitwisseling via een van die swap sites. We zullen zien.

Ondertussen heb ik ook nog een December Daily die ik af moet maken.  Werk aan de winkel dus.

Bedankt voor je bezoekje en tot ziens!

31 December 2015

A Sky Full Of Stars

It’s the last day of 2015 and so it is the last day of the Top 2000. With that there also comes an end (for now) to the blogparty at Marit’s Paper World. Of course all the participating creations are still up for view after New Years.

Het is alweer de laatste dag van 2015 en dus de laatste dag van de Top 2000. Hiermee komt ook een (voorlopig) eind aan de blogparty bij Marit’s Paper World. Natuurlijk zijn alle deelnemende creaties ook na de jaarwisseling gewoon te bekijken.

Happy New Years!
Fijne Jaarwisseling!

28 December 2015

Top 2000 Blog Party

Hi there! Welcome back! I’m joining the annual Top 2000 Blog Party, hosted by Marit Barentsen. I reccomand a visit to her site and see all the beautiful artwork people have made. If you are an art journaler yourself (or other creative flows), you can join the party. It’s up until 31st December.
These are my submissions for today:

Hé hoi! Welkom terug. Ik doe weer mee aan de jaarlijkse Top 2000 Blog Party, georganiseerd door Marit Barentsen. Ik kan je een bezoekje aan haar site aanbevelen, zodat je al de mooie kunstwerken kan zien die mensen gemaakt hebben. Als je zelf een art journaler bent (of een andere creatieve vorm), kan je meedoen met de party. Het duurt tot en met 31 december.
Hier zijn mijn bijdragen voor vandaag:

#1059 Songbird - Eva Cassidy

#1045 Give Peace A Chance - John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band


Thanks for visiting! Bedankt voor je bezoek!